Spendy little wonder crayon


Let me start by saying: $24 is an absofrackinglutely ridiculous amount of money to spend on a lip gloss. Criminal, almost. As I sit here and think about it, I actually feel horrifically guilty considering how many tubes of Blistex I could have bought and donated to the kids at Covenant House with the money I’d saved by not buying this lip tint.

That being said… I love this product. I love it. I loooooove it. I love the color (mine is Moody, a “deep berry” that looks scarily dark in the tube but goes on sheer and just pink enough to complement my pale Irish-Alaskan skin), I love the minty freshness, I love the gloss, I love that it lasts a long time and makes my lips feel all fresh and smooth and moisturized. Love love love.

I’m less wild about the delivery mechanism. I’m not quite sure why it needs to be packaged in a big fake plastic crayon. I’m all for less packaging (which is why I’ll never buy another Stila Lip Glaze even though I love the product; holy wasted plastic, Batman). I see no reason this couldn’t have come in a chic little tube like, say, Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick, which I also love love love, which also looks intimidatingly dark in the tube but goes on beautifully sheer and perfect, and which has the added benefit of being $10 less expensive than the Tarte lip tint. (Black Honey does lack Tarte’s added bonus of minty freshness, however, and it only comes in the one color, although Clinique claims Black Honey looks good on absolutely everyone.) Tarte has a respectable green initiative (including a customer recycling incentive program), so maybe they’ll at least consider facilitating recycling of the LipSurgence packaging. I e-mailed customer service to see if it’s in the works — if they respond, I’ll post an update.

UPDATE, 12/17/10: I got an e-mail from Jessica at Tarte this afternoon. She says “The LipSurgence components are plastic and can be recycled as well,” although she didn’t answer my question about whether they will be added to the recycling incentive program… so it sounds like they’re recyclable, but Tarte isn’t recycling them for you. Oh well.

Tarte LipSurgence natural lip tint
Bottom line: Pricey and overpackaged, but minty, glossy and beautiful.
Price: $$
Tip: If you want to save 10 bucks and don’t mind sacrificing mintiness and color selection, try Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

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