New year’s resolutions

I haven’t made new year’s resolutions in a long time (why bother? They never get kept, and then I just feel like a failure), but I thought since I’m doing this blog thing and I’m about to get married and be a real live grown-up, this might be a good year to set some beauty goals. So here they are:

  • Learn to use false lashes. I’ve tried over and over again and I can’t quite seem to get it right, but it’s time to get it together. If I can wax my own eyebrows, I can glue hair on my eyes.
  • Find a foundation I actually like. I’ve tried a half-dozen over the past year or so and I haven’t really liked any of them. I’d really like to just pick a horse already.
  • Learn to cut the crease. I mean, let’s be honest. I’m 32 years old and I don’t do much clubbing. Or socializing that doesn’t involve wine bars or board games. So there aren’t a lot of places I can wear extreme eye makeup. So this one’s really just for fun.
  • Get my skin under control. It’s an ongoing battle — my karmic reward for having great skin in high school, I guess. I think I’ve got the product and routine components down; now it’s just about nutrition and hydration.
  • Speaking of eyebrows — keep ’em groomed. Seriously, I’m like Sasquatch right now.

Five is enough, right? I mean, let’s not go crazy here.

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