Lush redeems itself

Oh, Lush. All is forgiven.

I placed an order during Lush’s final post-holiday sale. The gift sets might be overpriced before the holidays, but at half off, they’re totally worth it to me. I ordered two Christmas Star boxes and two Christmas Crackers. They arrived today. I opened the box and pulled out a typed note, at the sight of which my heart sank. I assumed my Christmas Stars (and with them the wonderful Mrs. Whippy bath bomb) had been sold out and replaced with something else. But instead, I read this:

Hi lovely LUSHie,
Thank you for your recent order and for choosing LUSH! Due to a small inventory issue, we do not have any stock of the Christmas Star with English labels and inserts. We do however have the exact same product (Christmas Star) with French labels and inserts. To be certain that you still receive the product you purchased, we have replaced the English Christmas Star in your order with a French version. To apologize for this oversight, we have included a complementary Christmas Star (with French labels and inserts) in your package. We hope this resolution seems reasonable to you!

Um, I should say so. Two Christmas Stars plus two sorry-bout-the-French bonus gifts equals…

Yeah. FOUR Christmas Stars. And they’re red.

Lush, you have won me back.

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