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I got married last month, which is the primary reason there hasn’t been a post to Below Freezing Beauty in… oh… six months? It turns out that when you’re planning a wedding, you don’t have as much time for your fun makeup blog as you might like. Mostly because you have to spend a lot of time making invitations and planning decorations and tracking down RSVPs.

You also get a lot of presents! Whee! A lot of them are china and blenders, but some people get you things just because, and one of the “just because” gifts I received about a week before the wedding was the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette. And let me tell you: This baby saved my life. Or at least made my life significantly easier in the hectic days before my wedding. We’re talking about a week during which all of my relatives, and all of my husband’s relatives, descended into our parents’ lives, which made our parents strung out, which made us a little stressed out; we discovered things like, oh, our coordinators had let us seat our guests 10 to a table at five-foot rounds, which is way too crowded, and we had to re-seat everyone (all 175 of them) three days before the wedding; and we still had a half-dozen DIY projects to finish. Oh, and we were supposed to be relaxing and enjoying ourselves.
In the middle of all the craziness, the fact that I could get up in the morning and not have to think about my eye makeup because this palette laid it all out for me was worth more than the price tag on the Romantic Eye palette ($36, in case you’re wondering) would have been even if I’d had to pay for it myself. And I mean I literally did not have to think about it at all. Usually I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the little instructional cards that came with this palette, but believe me when I tell you that during the week before my wedding, I could not accomplish basic tasks like spelling my own name. (Seriously. I spelled my name wrong on our marriage commissioner application.) So every morning I’d get out this palette and one Stila eye shadow brush (this one) and follow my little instructional card. Perfect shadow every day, and I didn’t even have to worry about spelling my name. After the wedding, I tossed this in my bag with a couple of other palettes to take on the honeymoon… and this was still the only one I used. For two weeks. (Although I will say I haven’t done much with the bottom row… I have cool, pink-toned skin, so I stuck to the top six. Kiss the Bride and I Do might be my two new favorite neutrals.)

Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette
Bottom Line: The single most useful bridal shower gift I received. Hands down.
Price: $$$
Tip: Throw it in your suitcase with a couple of good shadow brushes and a bottle of Liquif-Eye, and you’ve got all the eye color you need for your honeymoon.

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