In a rut

It’s rainy August pre-fall here in Southcentral Alaska — that’s right, our summer starts to melt into autumn while the rest of the world is still lounging by the pool. Oh, we’ll probably get some warm, sunny weather again, but right now it feels like we’ve begun the slow descent into winter.

It dawned on me as I drove to work this morning in the gray drizzle that my makeup lately has been as bleak as the sky outside. I’ve been going back to the same reliable natural smokey eye day after day, and I didn’t realize it until today. I came up with some hypotheses about why I’ve been in such a rut:

  • The weather, obviously. Blah.
  • Convenience. The Too Faced Romantic Eye palette was a lifesaver during my wedding week and on the honeymoon, but it’s way too easy to reach for it every morning now and slap on that same easy eye look, especially since…
  • …I never really finished unpacking from the honeymoon, and stuff is sort of spread out all over the house. Sometime before the wedding I moved the chair from my vanity to the living room and let stuff pile up on my makeup table. And that one palette is just so handy, right there on the bathroom sink! “Use me!” it says. “You know what you’re getting! I’m so easy!”
  • I left my journalism job in late spring and have been spending the last few months doing some legal writing projects, which means I work in an upscale law office and actually have to put some thought into my entire outfit. When I was just going to the newsroom every day, I could throw on jeans and whatever sweater and then put a lot of energy and creativity into my makeup. Now it takes me three times as long to figure out an outfit in the morning, which leaves less time and energy to put into my face.
Apparently my environment affects my appearance more than I knew! This weekend I’m going to have to rectify some of these circumstances, beginning with getting unpacked and reorganized. I’m glad I made this realization on a Friday — when I have to turn over a new leaf, I always like to do it starting fresh in a new week. It just seems tidier that way.


This might help…

I placed the order and the second the confirmation e-mail dropped into my inbox, the sun came out. I KID YOU NOT. It’s a pre-fall beauty miracle!

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