Target giveth, and Target taketh away

Never again

I almost never buy Q-Tip brand cotton swabs, since store brand tend to be more affordable (and it’s not like I need surgical-grade precision; I mostly use them to apply spot treatment and remove waterproof eye makeup), but on a trip to Target a few weeks ago I picked up a package of Q-Tips because (a) they were on sale and (b) they came with a bonus pack of cotton rounds, which I use every day to apply toner and remove makeup, and of which I was running out.

I actually really like the cotton swabs more than my usual Target brand, but that’s a post for another time. My real problem is this: These Q-Tips brand cotton rounds are honest to God the best cotton pads I have ever used in my entire life. No joke. I love them. I loooooove them. They feel great and they hold up under saturation and they don’t leave a single scrap of cotton fuzz on my face. They are absolutely the most effective cotton product I’ve ever used, of any shape or style.

And now here’s my problem: I’m about halfway through my bonus pack, and I can’t seem to find any more of these Q-Tips brand cotton rounds for sale anywhere. Target doesn’t have them on display with the rest of the cotton products. They don’t even have any more of the bonus packs attached to packages of Q-Tips. And yes, I love these cotton rounds enough to buy an extra 500 Q-Tips just to get my hands on some more. I haven’t seen them at any of the other places around town where one can find Q-Tips products. A search of the Target website yields nothing, and, surprisingly, so does a search of the Q-Tips website. (I did, however, learn that Q-Tips has an entire section of its website devoted to the many uses of cotton swabs in holiday crafts. No joke.) In fact, the entire Internet seems to be ignoring the existence of any such product as a Q-Tip brand cotton round.

Q-Tip’s clever plan to get me hooked on their name brand cotton rounds has worked. But there seems to be a second, key component of the plan missing: Namely, in order to keep feeding my addiction to these wonderful pads, somebody’s going to have to give me an opportunity to buy more of them. I’ve only got about a week’s supply left. I suppose maybe I could go back to using regular old cotton rounds and pretend it was all just a wonderful dream… but I’d much rather find a way to replenish my supply…

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  1. I stumbled upon this while desperately searching the internet for a way to purchase more of those Q-tip brand rounds! I, too, got them with a box of Q-tips from Target and am down to the last 3. I wholeheartedly agree; they're much better than any others I've tried. Swisspers used to be better quality, but they went from being almost lint-free to now disintegrating while I'm applying toner. Have you had any luck since this post finding them?

  2. OMG I stumbled on this post trying to find those pads too! Target's brand is crap and linty compared to Q-tip! SIGH…another product I love that is no where to be found!

  3. I'm torn between being (a) happy to find I'm not alone in this and (b) sorry there are people sharing my frustration! I've been using Swisspers in the interim, but I'm holding out hope that the Q-tip cotton pads will surface at some point!

  4. ME TOOOO!!! I have been rationing my last few Q-Tips Cotton Rounds which I am now using solely in my face powder compact. I have been trying to make my supply last until I could find more to purchase (nice to have a clean cotton round in my compact but Q-Tips is the only brand that doesn't shred to pieces on the first use!). But it seems to be more of a case of “Q-Tips Giveth, and Q-Tips Taketh Away”. I ALSO can't find any trace of Q-Tips Cotton Balls which I used to buy in large quantities when I lived in Hawaii; then I moved to Minnesota and had to special order them by the case through the local K-Mart. Again, Q-Tips Cotton Balls made of 100% Cotton were much better quality than any other cotton balls on the market! Unfortunately I haven't seen those in years either. (I have one cotton ball left as a keepsake of what a good cotton ball should be like!) If they are discontinuing products due to low sales, they need to examine their marketing team for failure to promote their excellent products, not discontinue them! They need to flex a little bit of Q-Tips muscle and promote their high quality 100% Cotton, Made in U.S.A. products! BTW, Q-Tips Products are sold by UNILEVER in Trumbull, CT 06611. Their “Consumer Info Center” phone number is listed as: 1-800-265-7964.

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