Wet N Wild Behind Closed Doors & Tangled In My Web

While I was busily snapping up Halloween kits at Fred Meyer, I also picked up a couple of Wet N Wild polishes from the On The Prowl collection: Tangled In My Web, a black “glitter” topcoat (more on that below) and Behind Closed Doors, a mix of fine and chunky red glitter in a sheer black base. (Vampy Varnish has a detailed post with great photos of the polishes. I’d love to find a bottle of Correction Tape, but I haven’t seen one on any of the displays around Anchorage.)
I was really excited when I saw Tangled In My Web. I even dug around in boxes stashed below the display shelves to find a bottle when there was none on the display.  It’s a clear topcoat peppered with medium-sized hexagonal black glitter. 
About that. “Glitter” might not actually be the correct word, since there’s not much sparkle to these speckles; it is more accurate to say something like “sprinkles.” At any rate, it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before. But I’m not really sure how I feel about it. As with many glitter topcoats, the application is tricky (be prepared to do a lot of dabbing), but in this case, the end result isn’t necessarily all that exciting.
I tried Tangled In My Web on its own and over two coats of Finger Paints Outta Sight Orange:
Yeah. Basically tiny polka dots. I don’t dislike it; I’m just not that excited about it. I’m sure there’s some exciting possibility for it that I just haven’t yet thought of. Considering I got it for half off with a coupon (and since it’s Wet N Wild, it wasn’t pricy to begin with), I feel OK about having bought it. If I need a quick and dirty Halloween manicure, it’ll do just fine. And maybe I’ll rediscover it months from now and realize all its untapped possibilities.
Behind Closed Doors, on the other hand, I love. Love love love love love. With the red glitter in the black base, it’s the funky version of China Glaze Lubu Heels I’ve been waiting for. (I like Lubu Heels, but the red has never stood out enough for me. Behind Closed Doors, layered over a coat of black polish, is exactly what I wanted Lubu Heels to be.) One or two coats looks great over a red polish; I wore it for a couple of days over Essie Red Nouveau and got a million compliments. I put on another coat before photographing it, so these show three coats over Red Nouveau:

In the photos above, the base color definitely looks black, but in sunlight it has more of a dark red jelly look:

The red jelly is even more pronounced with only two coats.

Like so many of their glittery relatives, these polishes are a b***h to remove. Lots of people swear by the aluminum foil method, and that has always worked for me, but I hate to waste aluminum foil. So instead I waste toilet paper! I use one square for each nail, fold it up into a strip about as wide as the nail is long, and soak the center of the strip in nail polish remover. I place the soaked center over the nail and wrap the ends of the strip around my fingertip. The TP sticks to itself, so no aluminum foil is necessary. I let them sit for a few minutes, then pull the TP wraps off one at a time while applying pressure to my fingernail. This gets off much of the glitter, although I find it’s usually necessary to go back and clean up the stragglers. I like the Graham Professional Hands Down pads from Sally Beauty for this; they’re super durable and they don’t leave fuzz all over your fingers. Plus they have a little tab on the back to hold on to so you can take polish off your toenails without melting your mani.

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