Holiday Mani-Fest: China Glaze Snow Globe

Lately I’ve been loving chunky glitter polish, which is kind of out of character for me. It must be a phase. 
If it’s a phase, though, it’s a phase with perfect timing, because the market is positively glutted with chunky glitter polishes right now, including Snow Globe, part of China Glaze’s Let It Snow holiday collection.
Snow Globe is a mixture of small and large iridescent glitter in a clear base. The formula isn’t too thick, but as with all chunky glitters, you’re going to have to do some manual glitter distribution with the tip of your brush.

I super love this polish. Super love. I’m wearing three coats in these photos. (And my nails are a little uneven. I didn’t trim very carefully.) You’ll definitely have visible nail line unless you use an opaque base coat.

I also love this over a dark blue polish. It looks like… well, like a snow globe.
Huh. Go figure.

My local Sally Beauty was sold out of most of the China Glaze holiday polishes, but if you can’t find it in person, the entire Let It Snow collection is in stock at Anchorage residents, check locally-owned Marie’s Beauty Salon and Supply; that’s where I picked up my bottle. DO NOT buy it at L.A. Style & Retail Center in the Fifth Avenue Mall. They’re charging $13 a bottle, and that’s a criminal amount to pay for China Glaze.

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