Holiday Mani-Fest: China Glaze Twinkle Lights

I’m not sure how China Glaze Twinkle Lights, from the Let It Snow collection, got left out when I posted my other holiday swatches and reviews, since this is one of my new favorites.
Twinkle Lights has a similar color scheme to my favorite China Glaze glitter from 2010, Party Hearty, which is my favorite Christmas polish of all time (so far). Unlike Party Hearty, Twinkle Lights’ glitter is all the same size (small), and although the colors are similar (red, green and gold), the effect is very different — more of your standard festive sparkle.

Is it as interesting as Party Hearty? Absolutely not. Is it a fun holiday polish? Definitely.

I’ve worn it layered over Glittering Garland, but haven’t tried it over anything else. I think it would look great over a gold, though (maybe Champagne Bubbles?).

If glitter polishes make you nervous because they’re so difficult to remove, be sure to read my Q&A for the world’s easiest glitter polish removal tutorial.

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