Post-holiday LUSH sale haul

Look what came in the mail last week!

I didn’t manage to score any wrapped gifts in the Lush post-holiday sale (although I was right; they did add a few more items later, including some Snow Fairy gift sets), but I did pick out some buy-one-get-one-free bubble bars, soaps and bath bombs.

I don’t order from Lush very often, so I really savor the box opening process.

Here on the top layer you can see some Ruby Red Slippers bubble bars, Candy Mountain bubble bars, Superstars bubble bars and Candy Cane soap. I hadn’t tried any of these before I ordered them, but Ruby Red Slippers has a cult following, and I love anything peppermint-scented, so with the added bonus of the BOGO promotion, I felt OK taking a risk.

Once I dug past that first layer, I got to the real mother lode: Golden Wonder bath bombs. Eight of them. If they bring this bath bomb back next year, I can’t recommend it enough. It smells like citrus, it changes colors, and it spews tiny little golden stars that drift all over the bathtub and melt away on your skin. Love it.

The final tally: Three Ruby Red Slippers, three Candy Mountains, three Superstars, eight Golden Wonders, two bars of Candy Cane soap, and a Cinders bath bomb just for good measure. (And another sample of Aromaco deodorant, which I think I’ve received in every Lush order I’ve ever placed. Guys, it’s just not going to take. I would have loved to smell like patchouli when I was 19, but it simply isn’t my thing anymore.) Total, including shipping: $77.50. That works out to about $3.88 per product, when most of these retail for $6.95 each. Not too shabby.

Speaking of saving money, it’s worth mentioning that Lush’s shipping charges are phenomenally reasonable — almost Sephora good. This order cost $8 to ship. I just went back through my old e-mails, and the most I’ve ever paid for shipping on a Lush order is $12. I wish other major retailers could figure out how to ship things to Alaska without charging an arm and a leg. (I’m looking at you, Bath and Body Works, with your automatic non-negotiable $20 minimum shipping to Alaska.)
The only thing that’s too bad about ordering Lush by mail is that everything comes wrapped in cellophane bags, and of course if you buy in the store you put them in paper bags, which is a bit more earth-friendly. On the other hand, the cellophane bags make storage a little easier; I keep cello-wrapped bath bombs and bubble bars in a wire basket that hangs under a shelf in the bathroom closet. Unwrapped bath bombs (from the store or from a gift set) take a little bit more work, since they tend to shed a little bit and you don’t want bath bomb grit all over your bathroom (and you want to keep them dry until you’re ready to use them). I wrap mine in scraps of Lush Times and line them up neatly inside this cardboard box, which sits in a plastic storage box that also holds some other bath products. That way they stay dry, tidy and protected.

And yes, I am kind of a Lush hoarder. But mostly because I stock up after Christmas and try to parcel them out over the year. I’m saving that Mrs. Whippy for a day when I really need it.

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