Got a Costco membership? Got dry lips? Get these

I always read e-mails from Costco. You never know what great deal is lurking at the bottom of that crowded e-blast. Like today, for example:

If you live in Regular America, shipping is free. If you live in a Freak State, there’s a shipping charge, but because it’s Costco, it’s super minimal. I dropped these in my cart and signed in just to see what they would charge, and the answer turned out to be $1.79. So even with the shipping charge, these work out to be significantly under their usual retail price of about $3.50 each. 
These eos lip balms, if you haven’t tried them, are pretty great. I have Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint (both included in the Costco deal), and the flavor is really nice. They’re also phthalate-, paraben- and petrolatum-free and packed with nice natural moisturizing ingredients. Plus the cute little round shape is fun. They’re almost egg-shaped, so you could hold on to them until Easter and dress them up for gifts. Or you could do what I would do and just hog them all for yourself.
It’s a good thing I didn’t go looking for these on, because I never would have thought to check in “non-prescription remedies,” which is where they’re categorized (rather than under “cosmetics,” which is where I would have gone). I did find something else interesting under “cosmetics,” though: a Dior palette for $49.99.
Oh, Costco. You never fail to surprise me.

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