Review: Little Black Bag

I’m basically horrified at how long it’s been since I posted, especially since there are a ton of things I’ve wanted to talk about. I think I’ve been letting myself get overwhelmed by the idea of writing and photographing and proofreading, which I make more labor-intensive than it probably needs to be… and then I remembered: Hey! This is the Internet! I have a webcam! Talking is easy!

Et voila… one video review, in which I talk about why I refuse to pay full price for Betsey Johnson jewelry:

Little Black Bag is a subscription service with a twist: You only get to pick one of your items, but you can trade the other items you get with other members. The trading part, as it turns out, is what’s really important, and I explain that in more detail in the video.

I heard about Little Black Bag through a Klout Perk that increased the value of my bag $1 for every point in my Klout score. (I paid the full price of about $55, and my Klout score is somewhere north of 50, so basically, I got an extra item.) I don’t know if this perk is still available, but if it is, and you’re a Klout user, and you’re thinking of trying out Little Black Bag, check it out – because hey, free stuff.

(Speaking of free stuff, full disclosure: Little Black Bag also has a referral program, like Birchbox or Julep Maven, and if you join any of these services using my links in this paragraph, I get bonus credit. You can also cut me out of the process entirely and just join at

Here’s what I ended up with in my first box:

1. Betsey Johnson Rose Petal Illusion necklace  2. Betsey Johnson Round Pink and Crystal Stud  earring  3. BCBGeneration sage studded clutch  4. Michael Marcus Red Your Mind nail polish

Like other subscription services, you can skip a month or cancel at any time, and I think I’ll be skipping a lot of months since the price is so high.

And I think I’m sold on this whole vlogging idea. Mostly because there’s no proofreading. The only downside is I can’t do it in my pajamas and an aspirin mask.

Little Black Bag

Bottom line: Fun to shop but too spendy to do every month.
Price: $$$$
Tip: Make the most of the trading period, and look out for opportunities to trade up in value or trade for multiple items to increase your bartering power.

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