Born smelling this way

When people first started talking about Lady Gaga’s fragrance, coming this September, I wasn’t that excited. I’m kind of meh on celebrity scents (although I will admit I completely love Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, even though I’m sure I’m at least a decade out of the target demographic). But then I read this:

Lady Gaga Fame is the first ever black eau de parfum that sprays clear and becomes invisible once airborne. The black-to-clear fragrance is a fantastic innovation of patent pending fluid technology, exclusively launched with Lady Gaga Fame … The innovations in Lady Gaga Fame go beyond the black-to-clear fluid: The olfactory structure itself is also very rare for the fragrance industry. Traditionally, perfumes have a pyramidal structure — a hierarchy of sorts with top, middle and base notes. This fragrance, on the other hand, has a unique structure called the “push-pull” technology, where the ingredients interact together to highlight different olfactive aspects of each note at the same time, without any hierarchy. 

All that, plus it smells like orchids, apricot and jasmine. September can’t come soon enough.

More on the Monster Mama’s signature scent, plus my two summer favorites from Missoni and Demeter Fragrance Library, in the video.

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