Fall beauty bargains at Costco

Oh, Costco. How I love your giant walk-in refrigerators full of produce, your towering industrial shelves stocked with dog food and sun dried tomatoes, your incredible beauty bargains. Spotted recently at my local Costco:
EOS lip balms, a five-pack for $10.99. I’ll do the math so you don’t have to: That’s a fraction of a cent under $2.10 each, which is more than a dollar below the retail price (at least, here in the northland). I couldn’t justify buying these, since I already have three of these flavors (plus a giant stack of Lip Smackers, bought in a fit of nostalgia at Walgreens after a rough day), but if they’re still there next time I’m back, I’ll snap some up for stocking stuffers.
Kirkland “luxury” makeup brushes, an eight-piece set for $25.99. I haven’t used these specific brushes, but I have bought two different Kirkland brush sets in previous years, and they’re pretty decent, particularly considering the price (I’ve never found anything else that offers the same quality at a similar price point). A great option if you’re working on building a brush collection.
There is one current Costco deal I couldn’t pass up. A few weeks ago, on a pre-raw-cleanse stock-up trip to Costco, I didn’t plan to stop my cart full of fruit in the beauty section on my way to check out. Then I saw this:
That’s right — three Body Shop body butters for $29.99. And not just regular body butters, either. JUMBO ones.
Top: Regular size pink grapefruit body butter, $19.
Bottom: Jumbo size olive body butter, three for $29.99.
The set contains 10.1 oz. body butters in mango, olive and cocoa butter (or as I like to call them: office, nightstand, gym bag). A standard 6.9 oz. Body Shop body butter costs $19. So what you have here is more than $83 worth of body butter. For $29.99.
Unsurprisingly, many of these body butters are now gone, and the big display has moved (at least at my Costco in south Anchorage), but there are still some left, shelved on the bath and body aisle. I recommend you act now before my mom finds out and beats you to them.

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