Seasonal finds at Target

Halloween isn’t for another few days, but already holiday items are starting to pop up online and in stores. I’m not big on rushing the holidays (and I have a strict no holiday music until after Thanksgiving policy), but I am never sorry to get an early shot at holiday gift sets! So I was excited to see the endcaps set up at my local Target with some early holiday offerings.
I am always tempted by e.l.f. giftsets because of the low price point, but I have been deeply disappointed by the quality when I’ve tried them. I did grab a $3 pack of blotting papers, since I burn through rice paper blotting sheets like it’s my job, and I’d love to find a cheaper alternative. 
I was so busy trying to decide whether or not to take a chance on a $5 eyeshadow kit that I almost missed the $15 nail polish set. Ultimately I abandoned the eyeshadows in favor of the nail polishes, which will make great stocking stuffers. (Besides, cheap nail polish is almost always a better buy than cheap eye shadow.)
This endcap wasn’t exactly holiday-specific…
(Those two-packs of Baby Lips are a pretty good deal, although they can’t hold a candle to the eos blowout happening at Costco right now.)
…but what I didn’t capture in the photo was the bottom half of the display, which had even more e.l.f gift sets, including another nail polish set (14 for $10), which I also grabbed. I have some ideas for cute ways to wrap them up for holiday gifts, and I’ll share them next month.
I’d already seen some two-for-$9.99 Burt’s Bees lip color gift sets at Walgreens, but Target’s got a whole holiday range on display:
Also spotted: The Kardashian/Nicole by OPI holiday nail collection, which had nothing I couldn’t live without… although if I see a great deal somewhere, I might be tempted to pick up Kardashing Through the Snow. I’m a sucker for a great holiday glitter.

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  1. I also would really like to get my hands on the Kardashing Through The Snow. Love the post. I didn't know about the other holiday finds! Thanks.

    ~Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

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