Video: Goldust time lapse makeup

Sometimes you marry someone and then it turns out they have weird likes and dislikes, but you’re already married so it’s kind of late to be having second thoughts. So when my husband revealed to me, after more than two years of marriage, that he was really into professional wrestling when he was a kid and he was thinking of starting to watch again, I decided to roll with it. Which is how I ended up spending a lot of time during my recent maternity leave watching WWE.

Confession time: I’ve kind of gotten into it.

So when they teased this video on Monday Night Raw this week, I had to check it out. Wrestler Goldust (who is part of a whole family wrestling legacy, but I won’t go into it because I’m ashamed to admit how much WWE history I now know) does his own elaborate makeup, and here it is in time lapse. I’m impressed that (a) he does it himself and (b) he does it all freehand.

Although I wish someone would turn him on to a better gold pigment. Because by he end of the bout, he’s always sweated it all off. You’re a professional, man. Time to invest in some quality product.

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