The Billfold asks: ‘Am I an adult woman if I can’t handle Sephora?’

I loved this Billfold piece today about being overwhelmed by Sephora. A highlight:

Then I went to the lipsticks — NARS because it seems fancy and what the hip moms on Mormon mom blogs wear. I stood there for maybe 10 minutes in a lipstick daze, half-tempted to buy a lipstick based solely on the name (Roman Holiday, seems fun), but decided I should try them out. But what does this mean? I walked over to the mirror and tried to jab at the lipstick with a Q-tip then put it on my mouth, which is not, I should point out, an effective way to put on lipstick. so I gave up and started putting them on my hand, which told me nothing. Then a sales associate started butting in front of me to give someone else a tour of the lipsticks so I scoffed audibly, told myself that rather than take any $40 chances I would go home and Google exactly what shade of lipstick the Mormon moms wear, then skittered over to the nail polish.

We’ve all been there at some point, amirite? Baby steps.

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