BeautyFix is back

Behold the return of BeautyFix, dropped into my inbox just today:

Given my litany of problems with the original service, website and product selection, I’m glad they decided to reevaluate and, I hope, fix some of what was broken.

Given the proofreading in the big announcement email, though, I’m inclined to be dubious.

If there’s one time you want to show people you’re serious about quality and attention to detail, it’s in the email you send out telling people you “heard” their feedback about your service.

Grammar aside, I’m torn. If this relaunch follows the pattern of some other subscription box launches (and my previous BeautyFix experience), the first couple of boxes will probably be great, followed by a steep drop-off in ROI. On the other hand, I don’t think my FOMO will trump a series of unsatisfactory experiences with the original service.

Anyone planning on giving it a try (or a second chance, as the case may be)?

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