Quick and easy gift idea with EOS (Sponsored)

I believe my love of EOS lip products has been well-documented on this blog. In a good news/bad news kind of situation, my well-dressed small child has also developed a love for them. On the one hand, great, because I feel fine about letting her use them and I don’t worry about what kind of weird chemicals she’s ingesting. On the other, though, I have to be really careful to keep my EOS balms out of reach because she will happily help herself to any of them that are within reach, and that means I tend to find them hidden around the house, lidless and covered with dog hair.

In other words, these lip balms make a great gift for recipients of all ages! As usual, there are some cute EOS holiday sets out this year (I am a big fan of the Honey Apple flavor in this set), but this year I’m going to be putting a DIY twist on some stocking stuffers that will keep my friends and relatives hydrated with EOS.

All you need to turn your EOS balms into sweet candy gifts are some cellophane bags and ribbon. You can find the bags at your local craft store — look in the baking and candy-making aisles.

I just cut the bottom of the bag off to make a tube open at each end.

Then I center a lip balm in the tube and tie off each end with curling ribbon.

Donezo. How simple was that?

They’re cute on their own, but a bunch of them all wrapped up together in different colors is super cheerful. And that makes them a scaleable gift, too. You can give them out one at a time as a small token for coworkers, classmates, party guests, etc., or you could do a whole bunch as one big present. (Imagine a dozen of them in different colors filling up a glass apothecary jar!)

Just make sure you keep them away from your three-year-old.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by EOS. The sponsor did not have any involvement in its content.
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