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Much as I wish I had all the time in the world to blog, between work and tiny children and trying to have a life and keep a family alive (plus, y’know, sleep), daily posts aren’t realistic for me these days.


There are other places to find my long-winded reviews, shopping tips, and deep thoughts on eyeliner as a microcosm of one’s attitude toward life.

Places like Instagram:

And Facebook:

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And Twitter:

UPDATE 6/21/2017: I’m phasing out activity on the Below Freezing Beauty Twitter account. For other networks, it makes sense to have multiple accounts, but I’ve decided to do all my tweeting from my personal account — it’s just what makes the most sense for me and for that network. Follow @myster!

And YouTube:

Join me on social! We’ll talk about lipstick. It’ll be fun.

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