Coming in September: Live video extravaganza!

I’ve never been the world’s most consistent beauty blogger (as some of you who have been following the start-and-stop of this website for the last seven [!!!] years are well aware). A big part of that has always been confidence — like, what do I really have to offer when there are a million “beauty gurus” out there who have makeup skills, portfolios, industry connections and free time with which I just can’t compete?

And then I think about all the comments and questions I’ve gotten from readers and viewers and friends who actually like and care about what I do and I remember that I do have a lot to share — I just need to get over my insecurities and do it. And right now the thing that makes the most sense to do is make an effort to just turn the camera on once a day and share some part of my beauty routine.

So starting September 1, I’m committing to a full month of daily live videos on the Below Freezing Beauty Facebook page. They won’t all be long, and they probably won’t all be good (why yes I am a professional marketer — why do you ask?), but they’ll be daily, they’ll be fun, and I hope they’ll be useful.

Follow Below Freezing Beauty on Facebook (don’t worry, Alaska and Hawaii friends, they’ll archive so you can watch them at a normal time of day) and let me know what you’d like to see!

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  1. I definitely want to see your vanity/make-up organization area. I’m fascinated by the brush sponge cleaning tin thingy being held up within reach magnetically. That’s freaking genius. I already know you have dozens (hundreds?) of lip products and I’m eager to see how you organize those. I just checked my purse and I currently have 8 (EIGHT!) lip products in my purse alone. That’s ridonkulous. And possibly a little OCD, considering I rarely even blend lip colors. I guess I just want to make sure that should the Apocalypse strike any day now, thus rendering the (hopefully temporary) closure of my nearest Ulta, I will have several lip options at my immediate disposal. That being said, you can imagine how many previously-loved and long-forgotten lip products are stashed away in other purses I’m not currently using, retired make-up bags, and miscellaneous drawers throughout my house. Organizing them all in one location would be a novel idea.

    Also, my hair, like yours, is thick and coarse and CURLY. I have had one keratin treatment before but I don’t always want stick straight hair so I like to have the flexibility of styling straight or curly. I actually do love shampooing my hair so I use high-end shampoos but I’m trying to cut back on the number of times per week that I shampoo because since my hair is so curly it tends to get dry and frizzy at the ends before I’m ready for the next trim. At age 49 (WHAT?!) I’m implementing my last-ditch effort to let my hair grow before it decides to not grow any longer. The challenge for me is that if my hair gets oily or flat on top, the lower 2/3 of my hair tends to “poof” out and, well, it’s just not a good look. At all. I’ve never used a dry shampoo but I’m definitely intrigued by the current trend of shampooing less frequently so I’d be interested in a video/tutorial on using a dry shampoo.

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