I’m a professional content consultant/coach, recovering journalist, longtime blogger and native of Alaska, now living in the Great Lakes region.

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Below Freezing Beauty came about at the end of the 2010 election, a time that was particularly stressful and difficult for me professionally. I missed writing for myself. I missed writing for people who weren’t looking for a fight. So I came home one night, reorganized my eye shadows, and decided it was time to do something just for me. If other people enjoyed it, well — that would be a bonus.

I’m not a professional makeup artist. I freely confess I didn’t know how to blow dry my hair properly until I was well into my 20s (and lately I’m more than happy to let the experts at Drybar handle it!). I like to look put together, though, and I like to keep trying new things and learning new skills. I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of products over the years — some of it money well spent, and some of it not so much. On Below Freezing Beauty, I talk about what I’m using, how I’m using it, and whether or not I’d shell out for it again. Hopefully I can save you from making some of the same mistakes I’ve made.

Why “Below Freezing”?
Because it’s cold out there, sister! I mean, no, not all the time, just like it’s not dark all the time. But it did happen to be below freezing on the day I came home and decided it was time to start a beauty blog, and living in a cold climate does come with its own set of personal care challenges, which I address from time to time. And yes, even though I don’t live there anymore, I’m happy to answer your Alaska questions.

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