Buy this now: NYX Lip Primer

A few weeks ago Ulta had a 40% off NYX sale, and I just about lost my damn mind giving them all my money, taking home all the lipsticks, and reaching Platinum Status. In the midst of my MUST BUY ALL THE NYX frenzy, I took a chance on the Lip Primer, a chubby retractible pencil.

Listen to me now, and listen well: If you wear lipstick at all, go buy this primer immediately.

NYX Lip Primer

I’m great at applying lipstick in the morning and terrible at remembering to touch it up during the day. Applying this primer under my lipstick buys me at least an extra three hours before I have to reapply. No joke. Plus I’ve noticed fewer problems with feathering (a big concern for me since I have large pores around my mouth and I love to wear red lipstick).

Go get this right now. You can thank me later. When your lipstick will still be going strong.

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